Top Security WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Site

WordPress is by far the most used CMS platform in the world. Atleast 40% of online websites in today's market relay on WordPress. That is staggering number of users which provides a goldmine for unsavory types looking to exploit people via plugin exploits and database vulnerabilities. So how do you securely defend against these problems?

We've put together a small list of WordPress security tools that can help make the difference between keeping your site online or having it drop from the face of the internet.

Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri is a free security WordPress plugin. It helps fix hacks and keeps your website secure by preventing future attacks.

Wordpress Security Plugin Sucuri

  • Restores your website after removing website malware
  • Remove blacklist status to save you from losing website traffic
  • Repairs, SEO spam keywords to make your website rank better in search engines
  • Website Firewall (WAF) filters malicious traffic to stop and block hacks
  • Updates your website after cleaning and removing all the malware
  • Website scanning and monitoring systems keep you updated when any unwanted change on the website, SSL certificate, and DNS records is noticed
  • Make secure and reliable website backups for recovery during a critical failure
  • Optimizes website speed
  • Reliable support from professional security analysts
  • Prompt you to change passwords for your website, CMS, database, and host to keep potentially compromised accounts fully secure


With firewall blocker and malware scanner, Wordfence protects your website by running at the endpoint and provide better protection than cloud firewall.

Wordfence Firewall Rules Malware Signatures Malicious Ip Addresses

  • Protects website against data breaches by blocking administrator logins who are using compromised passwords
  • Closely monitors origin, IP address and visit time of live traffic to detect hacking attempts
  • Analyses pattern matches and IP range to block malicious networks, robot, or human activity that hints suspicious objectives
  • Blocks countries engaged in malicious activity with its premium version
  • Source code verification to repair and recover hacked theme, core, and plugin files
  • Remote system authentication to permanently prevent brute force attacks
  • Manages multiple sites at a single place
  • Easy to use plugin with friendly and informative premium support
  • Improves the site protection with improved protection

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security Pro is a WordPress security plugin. It is a complete security package for the spammer and hacker protection.

Malware Scanner, Firewall, Login Security, Db Backup, Anti Spam Security Features

  • Easy to use a single-click setup wizard that completes only in 10 to 30 seconds. Wizard also checks the website for compatibility issues
  • MScan Malware Scanner scans website files and WP-database for hacker files and code
  • Login Security & Monitoring logs
  • DB backup creates manual and scheduled – every hour, daily, weekly, and also monthly full database backup for complete website security. These backups can be compressed automatically and emailed
  • .htaccess Website Securitykeeps .htaccess files secure against numerous hacking attempts
  • 3 theme skins in UI Theme Skin Changer
  • Idle session logout automatically logs out the inactive users
  • Optimizes website performance by boosting the speed with the Speed Boost code