Programming in R

R is an open-source programming language that mainly deals with the graphical representations and statistical computation of data. It includes linear regression, machine learning algorithms, time series, and statistical inference, to name a few. Many large companies use R, including Google, Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and so on.

Since data science is changing the way businesses run when it comes to artificial intelligence, leaning R becomes beneficial and useful. It has no license restrictions, which makes it truly the go-to language for all who want to practice in the earlier stages.

If you dream of becoming a scientist in the field of Data Analysis and making a great career growth, then R is what you need to learn! R is one of the most popular scripting languages developed for and by statisticians.

Here's what R programming language can do for the present as well as future learners and aspirers:

R is free, which means you can easily download it and start working on it. R can run anytime and anywhere and can be sold under the conditions of license.

R is one of the leading statistical programming languages that is used worldwide by many statisticians to make their lives much more productive.

R is compatible to use with other programming languages like C++, C, python, and Java.

You can easily make reports with the plots, data, and R scripts embedded in them.

R Serves great career opportunities in the field of data analytics. So get up and start coding, analyzing, and modifying your big data with R!