A Dutch programmer, Guido Van Rossum, created Python. It is an interpreted language that uses an interpreter to run the programs. In comparison to other programming languages, this high-level language, Python is very easy to learn.

During the development of this computer programming language, great emphasis was paid on code readability. The easy to learn syntax allows the programmer expressing concepts with the use of only a few codes. Also, it is compatible with different platforms like Mac. Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.

This programming language is under open source license, which makes it possible to use it freely. Using it for commercial purposes is also possible.

Uses of Python:

You can use Python to develop almost every computer program. This scripting language is also now used for writing commercial-style applications. A considerable number of web applications rely on this high-level programming language. It includes the Google search engine, YouTube, Netflix, Reddit, Dropbox, Slack, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Moreover, NASA also uses Python for programming their space machinery as well as other equipment. Some other applications of the Python include:

  • Creating video games
  • You can also create communicative data science lessons with it.
  • It can quickly and easily perform complex mathematics.
  • You can use it for rapid prototyping. It can also be used for the development of production-ready software.
  • Python is also used to simplify the development of complex software process easier.

Mastering Python is pretty easy. Learning it will give you a bright future with excellent career opportunities.