What is Javascript?

Invented by Netscape as LiveScript, JavaScript is a dynamic programming language created for making web pages live. It is developed for providing interactive content on webpages and has object-oriented capabilities.

With more and more business moving online, the demand for JavaScript will be skyrocketing. So learning JavaScript can be a great step towards making a bright career in the field of technology.

The codes or programs used in Javascript are called scripts and can be easily written in the HTML of the web page and runs automatically when your webpage loads. This popular scripting language is compatible with all web browsers used today. It includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera,Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

Uses of JavaScipt:

You can use this client scripting language for making web pages with special effects like graphics of different types, roll out, rollover, etc.

It is used in various web applications. For inastance, you see the detailed view on Google Maps because of the JavaScript application.

Javascript, in combination with HTML5, is also popular in the development of games. The famous battle royale game - Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) also uses JavaScipt in combination with various other languages.

Here are the benefits of using JavaScript:

It provides rich interfaces to website visitors, as it allows you to include components like drag and drop, sliders, etc.

It allows you to create interfaces for increased interactivity. These interfaces react when the user hovers over with the mouse or with the keyboard.

JavaScript is easy to learn, and mastering it gives you numerous possibilities for a bright future.